SUN recommends people stay off the BNSF railway corridor for their own personal safety and for the sake of the engineers operating the locomotives.

There are hazards to be aware of when visiting Crescent Rock Beach. First and foremost are the BNSF and Amtrak trains that run across this area. Walking on the tracks is extremely dangerous and considered trespassing so stay on the shoreline if possible. If the tide is in and you choose to walk on the rail bed, remember that an average of four people are hurt or killed by trains along these tracks every decade. Do not wear headphones or use your cell phone when crossing the rails and keep alert for trains running in either direction.  There have been 20 people killed and many more injured on the BNSF tracks since they were opened.

The seclusion and privacy you find along Crescent Rock Beach can sometimes pose a problem. The shoreline is steep and rocky in areas and a wrong step or a loose stone may result in serious injury. Emergency services access is very limited due to this shore’s remote location. Cell phone reception is also spotty or non-existent. The rocks at the shoreline may be sharp, coated in slippery algae, or covered in barnacles. A minor injury such as a twisted ankle or a cut foot can turn a short hike into a painful ordeal. Come with a friend or let someone know if you are going to the more remote corners of this naturist beach.