SUN has assumed a stewardship role in the protection of the environment at Crescent Rock Beach.

We feel that the BNSF trains with their tanker cars of hazardous chemicals and petroleum products are a serious threat to the marine ecology of Boundary Bay.  It’s for this reason that we endorse efforts to have these train tracks moved to a safer inland rail corridor away from the beach.  The Ocean Park bluffs could be turned into a GVRD park with the rail bed becoming a nature path connecting onto the Delta dyke trail creating a marathon distance trail from Peace Arch Park to Tsawwassen.

Litter and floating debris are a continuing problem along this remote shoreline. We ask all visitors to this area to take their garbage with them along with any other man-made item they may find. Please do not bring glass containers to the beach for obvious reasons and if you smoke cigarettes, realize that the filters are toxic to wildlife and not biodegradable.

There are public washrooms located at the Beecher St. Community Centre at Crescent Beach and at the change room building at White Rock’s West beach should nature call.  It is legal to bring dogs to Crescent Rock Beach but ensure they have shade and water plus do not harass wildlife.  Please clean up after your pet, removing any waste from the shoreline. 

SUN asks that you not disturb any flora or fauna in this environmentally sensitive area and leave only footprints in the sand to mark your time spent at Crescent Rock Beach.  Semiahmoo Bay is closed to the harvesting of bi-valve shellfish and is patrolled by Fisheries officers.