Stay off the BNSF rail line as it is dangerous and trespassing.  There are blind corners where trains have hit people in the past.

Crescent Rock beach is the 6.5 km. of shoreline from the west side of White Rock to the southern end of Crescent Beach that is protected by the Ocean Park bluffs. Any spot that is out of view from the Crescent Beach and West Beach marine parks can be used for nude recreation but there are three main areas historically utilized by naturists. Visit in the “Links” tab to zoom in on these private beach locations and their access points

Crescent Rock Main Beach.

This area has the best sand and is the easiest one to reach if you are mobility challenged. Walk south along the shore from Crescent Beach in Surrey past the elevated metal staircase until you get to the giant Crescent Rock boulder located on the point. The naturist area begins once you are out of sight from Crescent Beach and beyond the flat rock sign painted to mark the way.  It can also be accessed by going down the Christopherson Steps staircase at the west end of 24th Ave., then turning left and walking south to beyond the Crescent Rock.
See map: Main Beach via Crescent Beach
See map: Main Beach via Christopherson Steps

Crescent Rock West Beach.

Raised beach beds were constructed long ago on the shoreline midway between the Crescent Rock boulder and Ocean Park. You can find them by walking further south from the Crescent Rock Main Beach. Easier access is from the 1001 Steps staircase at the west end of 15A Ave. in Surrey. From the bottom of these stairs turn right and go north for about 500 m. until you reach the mile 126-mile railway marker sign. There you will find about 15 platforms built above the high-tide mark and out of sight from the train tracks. The shore is a little rocky in this location but these beach beds are lined with small pebbles and course sand.
See map: West Beach via 1001 Steps
See map:

Crescent Rock South Beach.

The longest and most secluded of the three naturist areas, it can be reached from either Surrey or White Rock. From Surrey, go down the Olympic Trail at 13 Ave next to 131 St. in Ocean Park.  At extreme low tides Bar Atlantis will appear with 500 m. of flat hard sand.  From White Rock there are two access points, you can walk west for about 15 minutes from West beach to find the secluded areas of this shoreline. A shorter route is to go down Coldicutt Trail off Marine Dr. or Terry Rd following the trail down the ravine to the beach. At the bottom take care in crossing the train tracks, turn right and walk 200 m. west until you find Hermit's Haven or other sandy spots.
See map: South Beach via Olympic Trail
See map: South Beach via Coldicutt Trail